Tree and Shrub Pruning is essential for a strong and healthy
tree. Pruning will help maintain proper growth for your
investments and improve the natural beauty of your trees and
shrubs. Pruning maintains the overall shape and growth.

Removals unfortunately happen for many reasons. Trees that
die can become very susceptible to decay and disease.
Landscaping and development changes can also call for a
removal. Removing a tree is dangerous and heavy. Call the
experts at Platte Valley Arborist, to ensure a safe and efficient

Stump Grinding will remove stumps left over from tree removal.
Stumps are ground down 24 inches below surface and
backfilled with soil/chip mix.

New Tree Planting & Selection is important to your landscape
investment. Our staff can assist you in picking the best trees &
shrubs for your landscape. You can count on Platte Valley
Arborist to plant your new tree or shrub to the specifications of
the International Society of Arboriculture.

Shearing of shrubs for a formal and symmetrical look.

Storm Damage needs to be dealt with just as soon as it
happens. It can be very hazardous if left unattended. Storm
wounds are prime places for insect and disease to enter the tree.

Brush Chipping removes unwanted branches from your
property. Branches are put through the wood chipper and
recycled into the tree nursery.

Deep Root Watering is essential in long periods of drought or
low precipitation. Deep root watering is quite beneficial in our
often dry and windy winters.

Defensible Space for properties in the urban wild land interface
where protection from wildfire is needed. Removal of
underbrush from forest floor, thinning the existing trees, removal
of ladder fuels from remaining trees.

Landscape Design & Installation for properties that have no
landscape at all to renovating your tired landscape. From design
to final detail. Dirt work, sprinkler, hard scape, quality nursery
stock, and the latest in water efficient lawns. We do it all!

Maintenance Programs are available! Programs include;
Pruning,Mulching,Training Prunes, Shearing, Spraying, and
Yard Clean Up. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Cabling & Bracing provide physical support for weak branches
and stems to increase their strength and stability.

Transplanting able to transplant trees with up to a nine inch
caliper depending on location of utilities and access to tree.

Emergency Service is available at all times.

Firewood can be delivered to you, stacked and ready to go.
Recycled from trees we cut down. City mix is all varieties mixed

Insect & Disease Control we use a method known as plant
health care or PHC. This is used to maintain or improve your
landscapes appearance, vitality, and safety using the latest
environmentally sensitive methods and products. This involves
the monitoring for certain pests at certain times of the year and
controlling them with preventative treatments.

Mulching is the best thing to put around your trees and shrubs.
The mulch breaks down and enriches the soil around it. The
best benefit is that it maintains moisture. It reduces water loss
from soil, improves soil structure and your plants thrive because
of it.

Training Prune is absolutely necessary to help establish proper
growth on a new tree or shrub.
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